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As I am getting closer to the time when my belly is going to start to REALLY grow, I am more and more freaked out about the possiblity of stretchmarks.

I’ve been doing the Vit.E/oil routine since before I got pregnant, I drink plenty of water, my weight gain has been gradual so far. But I know there’s only so much we can all do to prevent/avoid stretchmarks. My mom claims she had no stretchmarks until she got much older, but I am not sure that maybe she  is forgetting it. My sis definitely had stretchmarks (different fathers).

The reason why it would bother me so much is because my stomach is the ONE thing I could never complain about. I could take or leave my other body parts and features, but I love/loved my stomach. It needed NO maintenance whatsoever, it was always flat as a board ( except for when I was bloated), always muscular, even had a 4 pack look at the time when I was modeling.

So it was the one thing that was perfect and needed no work. I would just HATE to lose that. I’m also a total bikini wearer, I despise tankini, and don’t care much for one pieces. It would just suck big time to have to wear one piece from now on, or to feel self-consious about the stretchmarks ( which I will).

So I guess, what I am wondering is this:


And what do you contribute it to?

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