Omg I’m so stinking excited!

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Calm down! It’s nothing too special.

It’s just yesterday we finally ordered a Yamaha keyboard! I play (or am learning to play) drums and hubby has always been really good on piano/keyboard, but haven’t had one in ages. I really think he has talent, but he’s always wanted a $1000 keyboard which seemed like a waste of money considering it’s solely for fun. I tried to convince him to settle down for a cheapy keyboard ( you can get a great one under $200), but he’s been too proud to do so.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to buy a keyboard and  learn how to play, but he would refuse to let me get a lighted keys one ( yeah I know I’m a kid at heart). So that’s where it always stopped.

Now that I got myself an electronic drum set, and have quite a blast playing drums, we resumed our keyboard negotiations. See, I like to play my drums to Rockband 3. I don’t actually hook it up to the game, but just have the drum part muted and the notes displayed on screen, so that way I am playing along to my favorite songs, and it is actually me playing the sounds, not the game. So Rockband has a part for a keyboard on almost every song and we always thought it’d be fun for hubby to play along with me. It’s much easier since the notes are displayed on the screen and both of us do the singing part ( yeah we’re dorks).

So now that I am pregnant, he finally saw the point in buying a cheap LIGHTED KEYS (score!) keyboard so that he can use it for the time being and then it will become a learning tool for both me and the baby.
Can you imagine a little 16 months old following along the lighted keys? How cool is that?

So we went ahead and ordered it and it will be here tomorrow and I cannot wait! I’m so excited! I love musical instruments and I’ll finally learn to play keyboard ( though it’d probably be smarter to continue learning drums, but drums are so physical- sometimes I just need something calmer)

So here’s the keyboard. It’s under $200 bucks, but it’s definitely better than any other lighted keys keyboards out there. And the biggest feature of it is that when you’re in the lighted keys/learning mode, it actually waits for you to hit the note, rather than continues playing the song, if  though you missed the note, like Casio does.

I just wanted to share!

So what instruments do you guys play, if any?

I’m feeling much better today and I am craving potato dumplings OUT OF ALL THINGS! But the stupid Slovenian cafe next to us opens at 11 am, so no dumplings for me this morning :(
Where’s my mommy when I need her?

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