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Today is a special day!
It’s my best friend’s birthday!

We met in college back and in Russia and became inseparable friends. After I moved to US, we stayed in touch and missed each other greatly. Later Elena (our nickname for each other is Heloon) moved to Italy where she got married to a great guy Max. I still miss her terribly and want so desperately for her to move to US, a desire which we both share!

So today is her brithday and I’d like to yell out to the whole blogging world:


I love you and I miss you and I really hope that SOMEHOW eventually we WILL live next door to each other, have babies at the same time and sip virgin pina coladas by the pool in the eternal sunshine of Florida!

Happy Birthday Heloon!

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Comments (2)

  • Joy


    aww! you guys are like twins!


  • Elena C.


    Awwwwwww!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much Helooooon :)
    And thank you for the gift! :)
    I’m opening my e-mail and go like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” :))))))


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