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Yup! That’s pretty much what i am here to talk about: the weather and a new cool blog directory I found.

While sifting through different blog sites I found a link to  The Blog Guidebook, so now i have another resource to get new readers and find new fun blogs. I recommend, peeps!

Now, on another really nasty unpleasant sucky note, I.am.really.honestly.freezing. to.death
Seriously people? What is it with Florida weather? Last year it was insanely cold for a month. This year it started in early December. Two years ago, we were still swimming in the pool with my girls.
I don’t mean to be complaining but the only reason I moved to South Florida is to escape any kind of chilly weather ( and palm trees… and ocean…). I kept gradually moving more south every couple years ( from Russia to Ohio, from Ohio to Jacksonville, Florida and then finally to South Florida because North Florida was just still too cold for me). And that’s what I get? Do I really need to move to Key West at this point? And then what? Puerto Rico? { actually my hubby grew up in Puerto Rico- his dad was a translator for the government}

The temperatures have been in the low 60s during the day and low 40s at night  ( that’s where it really gets me). We kept the heater off thinking it’s a one day deal and it’ll warm up because our heaters here in Florida suck and it would take longer to just get it going and then we get a $100 bill for running it for 1 day ( seriously!).
So needless to say that I am very grumpy today! We had to go out to do some tests at the hospital and i literally had to layer 2 sweaters ( one christmasy sweater) and was still cold. Brrrrr.

Oh and good news ( for me): my chicken pox titer came back and I have immunity, so i do not have to get a shot before pregnancy YAY!

Photo for Communal Global and Perceptive Perspective Eyes ( or one eye in this case, but an very angry one)


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Comments (3)

  • Irina


    It has been kind of cool out here as well, but I’m enjoying it. Maybe it’s easier to bear because it isn’t as humid as it is in Florida? Anyway, I bought a beautiful beige cardigan from Eddie Bauer and my fireplace works, so my winter days are quite fab :)


    • E


      I think it IS the humidity making it so unbearable. Plus Florida in general i a lot warmer than Cali so we’re very used to hot weather- any chill is dealthy to us 😀
      Eddie Bauer cardigan and a fireplace sound pretty damn good right now.


  • Jayme Thomson


    thanks, merry xmas!


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